Project Consultancy & Advisory Services

Technical, Contractual, Commercial and Strategic Evaluation

Feasibility studies and ranking of business opportunities.

Contractual and Commercial Due Diligence/Expert Witness.

Business Development

Preparation of Business Development Plans.

Development of Strategic Growth Plans.

Business Development Support.

Bid Documentation and Evaluation.

Operations Optimization

Development of Corporate Organizational structure.

Human Resources Sourcing.

Operation Procedures Development.

Asset/Project Management

Design & Implementation of Assets Management Programs.

Design & Implementation of Project Management System (PMS).

Procurement Expedition and Control.

Quality Assurance (QA) Certification Support

Development and Administration of QA Certification Processes.

Documentation and filing for Certification.

Technology Transfer (Local Content) Advisory

Local capability and Capacity assessment.

Local contracting support.

Local content compliance.

Statutory Approvals, Permits and Licenses

Documentation, filing and follow-up.

Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environmental & Security (CASHES) Management

Preparation of CASHES policies and manuals.

Safety training and policies implementation.

Safety Audits and Compliance.

Manpower Resources & Training

Personnel Recruitment.

Technical Training/Manpower Development.

O and M Training.