Community Involvement

CandidOil Services Limited involves host Communities in its projects through effective communication.

CandidOil frequently visits the communities and interacts with clan heads, chiefs, and other community representatives to foster co-operation.

We appoint local liaison officers from each host community as a source of information link between the community and CandidOil. We typical engage them in other project activities and assign other regular jobs such as assisting in stores, time keeping, etc.

We identify key community representatives and build rapport and mutual understanding for effective communication.

With us, the CLO/CRO function is to enhance a two-way flow of communication between CANDIDOIL and its public or work environment and reciprocal flow of mutual understanding and co-operation based on truth, knowledge and full information.

The relationship between the community leaders and the CRO is always very cordial. The CRO makes deliberate, planned and sustained efforts at maintaining mutual confidence and trust between CandidOil and the community leaders.

Proactive Resolution Of Dispute / Misunderstanding

The under listed problems are anticipated from the host Communities.

Non-violent occupying of work sites by community, resulting in shut down.

Violent stoppage of work operation by community.

Local employment from host communities.

Local demands for labour and supply contracts.

Claims of environment degradation or damage.

Non violent stoppage of operation by work force.

Seizure of equipment and hijack of personnel by community youths.

CandidOil Services Ltd. adopts peaceful means in the resolution of any community crisis arising during project execution with minimum or no disruption to project schedule. With a clear study and understanding of the environment in which the project is located, we identify and analyse particular type of problems which may affect the project and thereby proactively finds ways of solving them.

In conflicts of larger proportions, we seek the support of the Local Government Authorities, Traditional Ruler, Clan Heads and Elites of the communities in the resolution.

Where the proportion of the conflict/demand is such that CANDIDOIL cannot handle, Client shall be informed. State Government, Department of Petroleum Resources and Nigeria Police Force intervention shall be solicited after clearance has been obtained from client.