About Us

Company Profile

CandidOil Services Limited was incorporated in January, 1995. It joins the knowledge, expertise and know-how of the team of experienced Engineers, who have worked extensively in the oil industry. Our integrated team comprise of immensely experienced professionals with a broad range of technical, operational, contractual, commercial and transaction skills in energy and industrial assets optimization. CANDIDOIL is focused on value optimisation through the provision of commercial and technical ideas and solutions.

Our integrated approach; combining multiple expertise, allows us to deliver a broad and in-depth level of services to support our clients.

The CANDIDOIL team is a unique resource in the industry, providing high quality, independent oil and gas analytical and operational skills to a wide variety of companies in a range of different ways.

We are rapidly growing our EP & C capability having acquired appropriate assets to position ourselves appropriately.

Our operational objective is to render Quality Services at very competitive terms. We are an equal opportunity employer. We place priority on the technical competency of our personnel, whilst recognizing the need to be community-friendly at all times.